Welcome to SeaSpin

Free and open to all the Software Development community, our group is comprised of local practitioners, students, academics, and leaders in IT and Software Development.

SeaSpin Suspended

SeaSpin is currently on hiatus.

At the general meeting on 10 March 2020, SeaSpin members voted to suspend the group pending further offers for leadership. Details on this meeting are below.

Prior to this decision attendence at the meetings had fallen off significantly, and it was difficult to find presenters or meeting sponsors. It was decided to suspend the group until new leadership or a new charter emerged.

This web site preserves some of the accomplishments of our years of meetings and provides one model of how the organization could benefit the development community.

Should you be interested in restarting SeaSpin, please contact SeaSpin Archivist George Smith.

Our thanks to the many presenters, meeting hosts and members who made SeaSpin an important resource over the years.

Recap of SeaSpin General Meeting - 10 March 2020

We met online to discuss the future of the group. After discussing our appreciation of the group and its past meetings, Pat McMonagle asked if there was anyone willing to take on leadership. No one offered, so we voted to disband.

There was also a discussion of what to do with the contents of this web site. A volunteer agreed to take on conversion and hosting indefinitely, so you can expect to continue to visit this site. The Meetup.com site will be removed, however, after a final message has been sent to those that joined.

As a review, here is a restatement of the Mission and Objectives:

The Greater Seattle area chapter of the Software & Systems Process Improvement Network, hereafter referred to as the SeaSpin, was established on 19 September 2005 as a non-profit organization.


SeaSpin is a forum to promote free and open exchange of software & system process improvement experiences and ideas. The chapter will serve as a source of education and empirical information for its participants of all experience levels.


In carrying out its mission, SeaSpin will act to accomplish the following objectives within the software and system engineering community:

  • Improve systems and software engineering productivity and quality

  • Promote process maturity

  • Share process improvement knowledge and innovation among all participants

  • Improve the success rate of software and systems engineering projects

  • Build relationships to other quality and process improvement organizations

  • Encourage individual professional growth of the participants